Amiibos Sold Out!


That’s right, it looks like the entire third wave of Amiibos are completely sold out. Like what ya see? Well so did I, it’s a darn shame that Nintendo isn’t capitalizing more on these products! I would love to get myself a Lil Mac, but he’s near impossible to find. Why can’t we get more releases of these characters that are selling out so quickly?

It’s a bizarre marketing way to do this to the fans, granted it the reselling of these items, either defective or rare are through the roof! It would be lovely of Nintendo to show the obvious fans some better service with this beautiful characters. Hopefully the pre-order sell out gets them into high gear and release more of this awesome wave. Because I want, Rosalina, Sonic and Megaman for sure!

What are your thoughts on the limited releases of Amiibos?


Author: Alex Vogt

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