Black Video Game History: Sheva Alomar

Welcome to another portion of our month long series all about Black video game characters. This time we are happy to tell you all about Sheva Alomar, Female lead of the controversial Resident Evil 5.
Sheva Alomar is an agent for the BSAA, working out of  its West African branch. She was assigned to support Chris Redfield, which is how they brought her into the story of the game. Sheva is a versatile Sheva_Alomar_New_Costume_by_redfield37fighter with extensive experience in firearms and hand to hand combat. She is more agile and flexible than Chris, also much lighter but not as strong this allows Chris to throw her up to high ledges, or over large gaps in order to reach areas or objectives that a lone operative couldn’t reach.


At the age of eight, Sheva’s parents died in what appeared to be a factory accident at Umbrella 57th Plant. Her uncle came to take Sheva and house her in his home along with seven other children. One day, Sheva ran away from her uncle’s house into the Savannah, where she was found by a truck driver who housed and fed her. But little did she know that this truck driver was a member of a guerilla group.

Tumblr_l9fa4wB4et1qbzf0vo1_500She later joined the anti-government guerilla group, where she learned that what happened to her parents was much more than a simple accident. The factory was the location of a final test of one of Umbrella’s many B.O.W.s. With the help of the government’s army, Umbrella erased Sheva’s village and its inhabitants once the test was complete.

Sheva remained with the guerrillas through her childhood. She was fifteen when she was contacted by American operatives to stop Umbrella from selling a B.O.W. to the guerrillas. With Sheva’s help, the operatives stopped the deal and apprehended the Umbrella salesman. The man who initially contacted Sheva offered her a chance to start her life againin America. Sheva accepted. Within months, Sheva was speaking English like a native and enrolled in a university two years later. After graduation, her benefactor suggested she join the BSAA while Umbrella had dissolved years before this. Sheva’s hatred of Umbrella and all others like them led her to join the BSAA. Sheva was assigned to Josh Stone’s unit for eight months for training. Upon completion of her training, the BSAA chose her to become an agent.

Throughout the story of Resident Evil 5 Sheva battles hordes of monsters and parasite infected humans along side Chris. some interesting set pieces come into play such as the typical lab/under ground facility all the way to the marsh land villages filled with tribal parasite infected enemies. Leading up to a epic finale with Wesker.

Albert_Wesker_UroborosSeverely injured, Wesker has no choice but to combine Uroboros with himself, and attack the two with amazing strength. After a lengthy fight, Wesker is shot down into the molten magma while Chris and Sheva escape with Jill and Josh. Wesker, however, is not one to give up, and grabs the helicopter leg with his tentacle-like arm. However, Chris and Sheva are able to destroy Wesker once and for all by using two RPG-7. While flying away on the helicopter, the four BSAA agents praise that the journey is over, and that Wesker is dead once and for all




All and all I can say I found Sheva to be a sexy and useful character, however I thought she was interchangeable and unimportant to the story as a whole. This is even more evident in her being completely left out of the rest of the resident evil universe( not even a cameo or mention in a movie wtf!). What are your thoughts on Sheva? Let me know in the comments below.

Pictures and Information via Resident Evil 5 Wiki



Author: Terry Hodge II

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  1. I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite black video game charactets. I love Three Dog from Fallout 3 and hope he makes a comeback some how in Fallout 4. Another one I love is Franklin from GTA V. But also Tiger Woods if that counts haha.

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