Clutch Con 2015: Dive In!

Opening day of Clutch Con experienced its fair share of problems. Actually, it was only one problem; the network went down and no one could seem to get it working again. Gamers made due with the time they’re not spending playing CS:GO and League of Legends. There were drinks and bags (or cornhole if you’re dumb) going on and some gamers had resorted to setting up their own LAN on the long tables to “get the party started”, so to speak. Empty promises of network solutions continued to roll by the press table as we sat, listen to techno music and watch the grip crew apply duct tape to everything. There’s a couple gentlemen sitting at a desk which is being projected onto the main screen for commentary. Having faith that the network would be up soon, i did end up waiting about 9 hours for the tournament to start. Once the network was up, however, everyone was eager to get game time going. Teams from all over the United States, Canada, Brazil and Switzerland brought their best game to Denver, CO to take home the prize money in Clutch Con’s anual contests. Some popular teams that were in attendance: ┬áTeam Karma, Cloud9, Fnatic and Elevate just to name a few, most of which have twitch streams regularly for when you want to check them out. On top of the CS:GO tournament, which was the main event, there were also smaller tournaments for League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, DOTA 2 and even cards against humanity. Webroot security had a booth demonstrating their new security software and educating pc gamers on the dangers found in untrusted intnernet sites. A huge cosplay contest took place Saturday with all sorts of game and comic book characters in attendance and Warumono Desu was there to judge the costumes. My favorite costumes were Tiny Cloud, Lightning and the Umbrella SWAT team. Around 11 pm each night, the lights go a little dimmer and the DJ’s roll out to play music till 4 am, allowing all the gamers to play 24 hours a day the whole weekend. some gamers didnt even bother to go up to their hotel rooms, they just slept at their computers at night or took random power naps throughout the day. Exhausting as it was, everybody showed up bright and early sunday morning for the semi finals and finals of the CS:GO tournament which began with Fnatic vs Team Liquid and Cloud9 vs Elevate. These heated matches took up a good portion of the day and were definitely exciting to watch, as each team worked together the way you imagine a finely tuned engine running. Fnatic and Cloud9 proceeded to the finals where an unexpected domination by Fnatic earned them their first LAN title this year.


Author: Aaron Massey

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