Cosplay Corner: Ryan Cryptic

Ryan Cryptic: A nerdy dude with a knack for making friends, gaming and all things cosplay.

Hailing from New York, he is most known for his genderbent Mad Moxxi and genderbent Harley Quinn, and he has owned Rule 63. His cool and eclectic take on famous characters like Mad Moxxi even got the attention of Gearbox  and 2K Games themselves. Since then he has added to the Gearbox and 2K Games family cosplays, such as Handsome Jack from the Pre-Sequel. Although he cosplays, that isn’t all that he is focused on. He continues to help the community thrive.

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Ryan is not only a great friend, but he’s a great costume maker and prop builder. We met through playing League of Legends together, which he has also cosplayed as Ezreal. I enjoy playing with him not only because I enjoy his friendship, but I also enjoy hearing him talk about his future projects and conventions. He always has a plan or two up his sleeve and there is never a dull moment with him. I mean, how can you not like a guy who cosplays?

Recently, he finished up his version of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, alongside of the wonderful Sinfonie cosplay. He truly became Vincent and brought him to life. Cosplaying is a great hobby, but to breathe life into characters like Ryan Cryptic has is another achievement to unlock.

This is definitely not a guy to miss and he has totally nailed the what it’s like to gender bend.  There’s something endearing about a man who can rock a woman character in his own masculine way. For all of you that do not know what Rule 63 means, the internet proclaims that “for any given male character, there is a female version of that character.” (Thanks Urban Dictionary for the awesome definition!)


Photography by Geeks are Sexy


Ryan Cryptic: The Gender-Bending, Cosplaying Phenomenon

What do you like most about gender bending?

I like genderbend cosplays because I get to take my favorite female characters and imagine my own version of what the character would look like if she was a guy. It really drives my creativity and challenges me to try something new.

What do you suggest to new cosplayers that what to try gender bending?

What I would suggest to those who might want to genderbend a character is to have fun with it and be creative. Take parts of the character that is very recognizable and do your OWN thing! Add your personality to it, that’s the magic of genderbend cosplays. They’ll never have a “100% accurate” reference because it’s all made up!

What was your first cosplay?

My very first Cosplay was in fact a genderbend version of Mad Moxxi from the video game Borderlands. It took me a week to learn basic make-up and sewing and I kind of added more along the way.  Shout out to all the people that do make-up. The countless accidental eye stabs, the face scrubbing, the blending and contouring… it’s a lot of work!

What got you into cosplay? 

It was kind of on a whim, really.  Beginning of 2013, I saw all these people making really great cosplay. I made friends with a few and they suggested I should give it a shot!  So…two years later, here I am!

What has cosplaying taught you?

Cosplaying has taught me patience, problem solving, but most importantly, humility.  Some people take cosplay too far and feel like they have to bring others down because of one’s skill level, skin color, body type, etc.  I will never understand why people need to voice their opinion in such a negative way to bring someone else down.  Be good to each other <3 <3

What was your favorite costume you have made?

I don’t even know, to be honest.  I truly do love all the characters I cosplay as, because I can connect with all of them in some way.

What was the hardest costume for you to create, skill-wise?

The most difficult costume I’ve made so far is Vincent Valentine.  It’s still not 100% finished, but it is hands down the most challenging costume I’ve made.  Shout out to Cynthia for helping me through things I wasn’t knowledgeable in.  Incredibly grateful for her help.


Photography by: Valentynne Photography


What costumes do you hope to make in the future? 

Rath, from the upcoming game title Battleborn.  Nightcrawler, from Xmen and The Flash from the DC Universe. Plus more, I’m sure.

What’s it like collaborating with 2K Games and Gearbox for conventions?

I can’t say enough how great of a company both Gearbox Software and 2K are.  They’re extremely tight with their fan base, doing lots of great giveaways as well as putting out quality title games. Getting to hand out a Logitech gaming headset to a fan while I was dressed as Handsome Jack (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) was one of the coolest feelings ever!

What has been your favorite moment from cosplaying?

My favorite moment will always be making people smile and getting pictures with fans. Winning contests help my confidence and make me feel like my hard work has paid off, but when I’m in character and a little kid points me out asking for a picture, it’s the coolest feeling in the world!

Do you have any future costumes/projects or events in the future that you would like Cryptic followers to know about? 

As I said before, I plan to work on Rath, Nightcrawler and The Flash. As for events and such, I haven’t planned to much on which conventions I’m for sure going to. However, I do have a BIG project that I hope to get off the ground next year.  I can’t really say publicly, but it’s something I’ve been working on since January of this year.  As always, I do appreciate everyone that does follow and enjoy what I do. I have a great community and I look forward to watching it grow with me! <3


Photography by: Valerie Kasinski

You can also follow him on Instagram @ryancryptic, Facebook as Ryan Cryptic  and on Twitter @Ryan_Cryptic.

Author: Brooke Schlott

Brooke is a gamer and cosplayer that enjoys making friends and eating pizza. She also enjoys petting cats.

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