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Recently we had the unique and greatly humbling pleasure of speaking with Sevaith and we just could not get enough of her cosplay and personality, so we bring you now more detail on this awesome person!


Q.tell us a little about yourself  (age ,where you are from, hobbies and favorite TV shows )

– I’m 23 year old turning 24 in June!

Blake (5)– I was born, and adopted at birth, on an island called Saipan. I lived there for the first five years of my life before my family and I moved to Arizona.

– My hobbies, along with cosplay, are playing video games, watching anime, cooking, and drawing.

– I have SO many shows I love to watch. I grew up on Sailor Moon, DBZ, Pokemon, and Inuyasha so those will always have special places in my heart. Through out the years I’ve grown to love Peach girl, Fruits Basket, Deathnote, Blood +, Full Metal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, and a lot of others. As of right now the ones I’m obsessing over would be RWBY and Sailor Moon Crystal!

Q. What got you started in cosplay?

– I started to dream up and draw dresses when I was 2. I didn’t actually start cosplaying until 2010 when I used a very old family sewing machine to make my very first costume ever, Tinkerballa from The Guild. Ever since then I’ve been doing my best to create costumes as accurate as I can. I’m 100% self taught and have never used patterns. I use my body or body form for the measurements. I don’t even draw out what I want to make, I just take it from my mind straight to the fabric. I also make costumes for my friends.

Q.who is you biggest inspiration?

–  I LOVE Jessica Nigri! I met her at Amazing Arizona Comic Con and she was so sweet and really kind, her work is amazingly awesome too. I adore Yaya Han’s work. The things she makes blow my mind, they are so detailed and just so amazing. I aspire to be as amazing at the craft as they are.

Q.who is your favorite character to cosplay?

– Well right now I really like to cosplay as Blake from RWBY. I made her weapon and its the first weapon that I have made from scratch. I’m pretty proud of how the whole costume came out! Though Mortal Kombat’s Mileena will always have a special place in my heart. She was the first really intense costume I Blake (8)ever made totally from scratch. It was all trial and error on her so I spent a lot of time trying to bring her to life. In the end I love how she turned out and I learned so much from making her. I ended up making her again after I gained a little more knowledge of sewing. II’m very proud and happy with both versions!

Q.have you done any competitions?

– No I’m not sure if my work has reached competition level, I cosplay for fun and enjoy it as a hobby.

Q.what is your favorite part of cosplay? (Making the costume,showing it off for the first time,peoples reaction, going to cons etc)

– Honestly the likes, shares, and comments from the supporters. Everyone likes to be complimented but when its about something you made from scratch that you have a lot of pride in it just makes you feel awesome. It just warms my heart to hear the kind words of encouragement from those who have seen me grow through out the years.

Q. What are the challenges and benefits of being a cosplayer of color?

– I feel like there are more challenges than benefits. You can get all sorts of hate for not looking exactly like the character you are cosplaying. My natural complexion is much darker than most anime or video game Injustice Harley (8)characters so that is something some people can’t get over. I have come to realize that it makes things difficult sometimes but you learn to work with it and hopefully someday love it along with the rest of yourself. Something like skin color shouldn’t effect the overall amount of work and love you have put into your creation.

Q. Do you Play video games, if so do you have a favorite?

– I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do spend a good amount of my spare time on my Xbox. Three of my four tattoos are from video games and I plan on getting more! Final Fantasy X will forever be in my heart, I spent so much time on that game I fell in love with it. I play many different types of games some of my favorite series are Bioshock, Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Metroid, Minecraft, Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Star Wars Battlefront 1&2, and Tekken to name a few. there anything else you would like to add?

– I would like to say one last thing. I talk a lot on my page about my dislike for cosplay hate. One of my favorite things I’ve ever said was “Your costumes don’t have to be home made. They don’t have to be complicated. They don’t have to be better than everyone else’s. You just have to have fun, love yourself, and love the supporters of your craft!” For me that quote will always be true. Cosplay does not have to be a competition and should never be a reason to judge and bring more hate into this world. Cosplay is something that is supposed to be fun and give people something to bond over. Embrace it, enjoy it, and always thank those who like and support your work!

Author: Terry Hodge II

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