E3 = Lines

E3 is that magical time each year when we get together as an industry and stand in lines. I often times feel that telling others I get in to E3 is a much more enriching experience then actually walking in the door. I was acutely made aware of this fact considering the first booth I went to (Resident Evil 7) was sold out for the day after 20 min of line standing.


So whE3 Linesy do we do it? This question runs a far deeper stream in the soul of geek culture than can be limited to just one convention. Is the exclusivity almost as important as the acquisition of experience? We can deny ourselves the hidden desires within; to dream of having that exclusive item. I want that controller. Give me that T-shirt. Sell me that statue. If it has a limited run I will stand in your line, sleep at your entrance, or follow your posts.


This year I pledge to make this about reality. We kill ourselves each year to know first with our hands and say we were there, but the tweets with info I send are returned with: “It was on the live stream.” It leaves you to question why we are here. Is it for you or for us that we stand in this line. Well at least I got my T-shirt.


Sephirot Shirt

Author: Richard Stanley

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