FFXII HD teased by Arnie Roth; SE Confirmation or Sackings Immanent.

So the Interwebs are abuzz with the news (broken by your own Glitchslap news on Facebook) That Arnie Roth decided to tell the audience at the Pittsburgh Distant Worlds that a FFXII HD remix is immanent. No one is really sure if he was mistaken or if they were talking about the soundtrack, but a video shows him pretty confident about it:


Given the time of night, it is entirely possible that we will not hear any confirmation about this news until Monday JST (So Sunday Night for the US/EU people) but we are all waiting with baited breath. Given the recent love (and cash flow) generated around the FFX HD remaster as well as the announcement of a FFVII (finally) in the works, this would be an all too logical next step for SE.

SquareEnix is a source of much debate in the gaming world as far as the relevance of the JRPG scene as gaming evolves and many critics think their current success is due mostly to the renaissance of classic gaming resurgences and the general ennui of 30-somethings Gamers. Discussions around the Final Fantasy series tend to polarize Gamers; but there is no denying that, at least for the moment, remakes from SE are bringing them quite the cash-flow.

Glitchslap presently has a call out to SE’s media relations department. We will update this post with any additional news



Arnie Roth’s PR team has responded with the following.

Author: Richard Stanley

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