Fighting For Your Love!


What is your biggest motivation in video games? Defeating the boss? Becoming the best? Building a legend behind yourself? Winning a tournament? Saving the world? How about… saving your love?

Where is that raw emotional response of “being a hero?” With Valentines Day right around the corner, it feels like an appropriate question. Have you ever fought for your love in the game? Not in a creepy way, nothing like you’re actually in love with a pixelated character. I speak more to the effect of immersion – do you become the hero fighting for the princess? Have you ever asked that question? If so, where did this happen for you?

best-love-scenes-in-video-gamesPersonally, I found this moment in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Where do I start with the formula that drew me in? You all know the story, Link is the hero that saves Zelda. Well….

In this game, it would appear that the two have known each other for a while! I mean, there’s only a handful of people living on their floating home world of Skyloft. So it’s not too impossible for these two to have time to become interested in each other. At least for Zelda, she for sure shows loving feelings toward Link.

Throughout the game, I felt INVESTED. I didn’t care about being the hero, saving the world, or completing the Master Sword. I legitimately only wanted to save Zelda and reunite these two together again! The final stretch towards the battle with Ghirahim was Link running down a hill to get to the villain. I was screaming the entire time swinging my blade dramatically at every enemy that got in my way.

“I WILL SAVE YOU ZELDA!” – Alex Vogt. Legitimate vocal quote, I promise. So take a moment and think, has this exquisite sensation ever occurred in your life?

Happy Valentines Day!


Images courtesy of: Nintendo ; Video from Youtube channel: bdcool213




Author: Alex Vogt

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