First E3 Experience

E3 Experience from a first timer.

By Benjamin Lopez


All my life I had wanted to attend E3.  This year I finally got the opportunity to attend and experience all the greatness.  It being my first time, I was in for a big surprise. I attended all three days and each day was a something new.

Day one of E3 was probably the worst. It being my first time visiting, I was so drawn in by the pretty lights and glamour that I got stuck in one booth for at least half a day.  The problem is how easy it is to get stuck trying to get whatever stupid swag they are giving away.  This particular half day I spent trying to get a Morgana hat from Persona 5. Despite loitering and playing demos for hours in an unmoving line, I still managed only to leave Atlus without the hat.  Next up was Forza Horizons. After I spent 3 hours in line, I was forced to leave because they started to allow “VIP’s” ahead of people who were already in line. So, once again, I left without anything for my patience. At the end of day 1, I exited E3 with what felt like less than I entered.

Day two was a bit different, the lines were still there, but this time I was able to make lines at Capcom and play the Dead Rising Demo, which I must say the game looks great so far. The game play feels less forced as compared to the previous installment, and it’s more of a free for all.  I was able to watch the demos for Days Gone, God of War, and the new Call of Duty games.  In the end, day two still involved lines, but at least I got to experience some ACTUAL content.

Day three was the coup de gras. I lined up at 7:30am outside the west hall waiting for the 10am opening.  You’re probably asking “why line up so early?”One word: Zelda.  The previous two days the lines closed early so there was no chance to get to play the game.  When the doors opened there was a mad rush for Zelda , here’s a video taken by Polygon. I was able to get in line for the game, took about 3 hours to get to the front, 30 minutes to play the demos, but I also left with a shirt and a coin, which seem to be a hot item on eBay.  Once Zelda was done, the mission for day 3 was completed. I closed the day with an Injustice Demo viewing, then to the Lego dimensions viewing. From Injustice I scored a shirt, while Lego gave out a Green Arrow Dimensions character.

E3 IS a great experience overall.  The one pet peeve was the obnoxious wait times.  Sony had a great system. You had to sign up to attend their viewings, and play the VR demos. Definitely something other booth designers should try.  On one hand, if you didn’t sign up in time you missed out, but at least you knew if you were getting to experience content or not without wasting time in line.  Similar to a fast pass in Six Flags, you needed only to come back at the appropriate time.  Another issue was Capcom, people lined up to play the Resident eVII game, only to find out that they had squatters inside the booth prior to opening time. You read that right, actual Squatters.  This meant that people who were in line didn’t get to play the demo because spots were taken by people already inside when they shouldn’t have been. Capcom should have grown a pair and kicked out the squatters.

In short; prepare to wait lines, carry your back-up batteries, pack snacks, and carry waters. You will be tired. You will be thirsty. You will be hungry. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and  I can’t wait for next year.

Author: Benjamin Lopez

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