First Look: Batman Arkham Knight

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Batman is back to finish off the trilogy (tear), and its tooling up to be quite the ride! Get it? Cause you get the Batmobile? I was able to get some hands on time with the B-man and his fancy new car, which is equipped with non lethal rounds that could totally kill someone. His friends are back too, and this time Batman is ok with them helping him out, resulting in some very cool tag team attacks. The entire city is incredibly beautiful, and although i was only allowed a short time with the game and only one of the 3 islands were available in the demo, its quite apparent that the city map is going to be huge.

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If flying around Gotham as Batman in the past games didn’t make you feel badass enough, this time they give you his car to cruise around town. All you need to do is hit L1, and whether your flying though the air, perched on a rooftop or standing in the middle of the street, the Batmobile will show up in dramatic fashion and scoop you up. The Batmobile is also a tank, figuratively and literally. Driving around in its standard form, the only thing I was able to find that could stop the Batmobile was driving into the side of a building or off a ledge. anything else just gets obliterated. Holding down L2 will cause the wheels to shift and a cannon pops out the top off the car. While in tank mode, strafing is possible and R1 and R2 become triggers for devastating lethal and non-lethal weapons. New challenge maps have been created for use with the Batmobile, including races that get very tricky as you have to operate doors and drive on walls, and a mode called “untouchable” which is basically a survival match in the tank where you can only get hit once.

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The Batmobile also has its time in the standard combat. If attacked in the streets batman can call the Batmobile to come over and drift through your enemies as you jump inside. Approaching a group of enemies in the Batmobile and feel like engaging in fisticuffs? Double tap x and you’ll be fired out of the cockpit towards a targeted enemy, tackling him to the ground. You can even upgrade the batmobile to add an assisted takedown where Batman will uppercut an enemy and the Batmobile will shoot said villain in the face with a non-lethal round(keyword: non-lethal). The Batmobile isn’t the only new addition to combat, every once in a while, Robin or Nightwing might show up to help the dark knight in battle. When there is two of you out there in combat, you can switch between Batman and his sidekick, via extremely painful looking tag team attacks.

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With a map 5x larger than that of Arkham City, I’m definitely looking forward to getting some hands on time with the full game. Keep an ear to the ground for the full dive in coming soon.

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photos courtesy of Rocksteady Studios

Author: Aaron Massey

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