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Free to play games usually come with some kind of catch. You have to pay real money later or it just takes forever to get anything accomplished. Luckily, David Jaffe and the rest of his crew over at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency have a different definition of free to play. They believe that their game should just be free. No gimmicks or tricks, just free. A full game with no handicaps that make the game more frustrating and no possibility of the game offering to take your money. The game is called Drawn to Death and looks absolutely amazing.

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The game takes place inside the pages of a troubled teens notebook. Inside this twisted world is an arena where hand drawn maniacs and demons kill each other over and over again. Each character is detailed and animated perfectly to look as though its coming to life on a piece of notebook paper. The sky is littered with doodles, random words, like “soul cancer” and “brokedick”, and normal school notes. The characters take to life and attack each other with all manner of weapons, creating most of the little color you see in the game. most everything is a white background with red, blue and black ink, but land a get hit with a flaming dodge ball or a shotgun and all of a sudden little teenager kid decides to bust out the markers and make your ass all fiery and bloody. After just watching a few minutes of gameplay, its easy to see a lot of creative work went in to every visual aspect of the game.

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Ranging from slingshots to light machine guns, Drawn to Death has a myriad of weapons at your disposal. You are only allowed to carry a certain number of weapons, but its your choice which weapons you choose to take with you into battle. Some you’ll choose before the match, while others can be picked up in the battlefield. Don’t like the range of your chainsaw? Try throwing it instead of swinging it. Bored of your sub-machine gun? Call the kids hand down to stab your enemy with a giant pencil. Although these are just a few of the weapons we were able to try, we’re told more, weapons, characters and enemies will be available when the game comes out. No official release date yet, but keep your ear to the ground for this one as it should be coming out later this year.

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photos courtesy of The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and SCE


Author: Aaron Massey

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