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Sonic Runners is a game for iOS and Android in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, announced by publisher Sega on December 28, 2014. It will be the first mobile game in the series developed by Sonic Team. I am excited to see what sonic team can bring to the table. I love sonic and I love mobile games, lets hope they get the formula and balancing speed just right.

Here’s the first look at the trailer.


Everything I saw looks promising, what are your thought on sonic as a character? What is your favorite sonic game? let us know in the comments.

video and images via Sonic team


Author: Terry Hodge II

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  1. I hate to sound like a buzz-kill, i started to lose interest in Sonic after Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast (And Gamecube).

    Sonic himself, i find to be an amazing character, attitude, speed and a pretty damn cool dude. i remember getting my Sega Master system for Christmas from my Mum with the Ghostbusters game…. needless to say that went out of the window when i found out how amazing dying to ladybugs (motobugs) in green hill zone was 🙂

    I feel my exposure to Sonic was the realization that i loved playing video games and i wanted more just like it, it was colorful and imaginative and fast as lightning.

    i felt the series started going down hill when they gave the characters voices and adapting to a more human environment, how those characters are acting more human, they arent as imaginative anymore (Kind of like how the Tom and Jerry cartoons work so well)

    as soon as i saw that weird inter-species love interest in Sonic 06…. i pretty much put down my controller for the last time on the Sonic games, until generations, when they started going back in the right direction in respects to level style and especially the lack of dialogue and interaction with humans and weird, almost soap opera like storylines.

    Maybe its my retro sonic fanboy-ism talking, but i am not looking forward to this and i hope Sonics will return to its roots some day…

    I will quite gladly pay $60 for a full HD Side scrolling/3D Remake of Sonic 1, 2 and 3 for the Sega genesis…. keep it simple

    Making something complex is easy…. but making something complex into something simple is a different ball game altogether.

    the 16bit era only had “simple” to deal with… which is why it worked so well.

    Cmon Sega, we know you can do better than this with way less budget.

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