First Thoughts: Dragonball Xenoverse

I recently picked up a copy of Dragonball Xenoverse after hearing they had redone the play mechanics specifically for this game. After checking every store in a 5 mile radius from my house, I finally found a copy, instilling a sense that i had just picked up a fantastic game. Overall, I was not blown away, but it’s beautiful and for an rpg fighting game with as many character customization options, it does just fine.

DB Xenoverse 2

Out the gate, Trunks(who, for all intents and purposes, is Jean-Claude Van Damme from Time Cop) makes a wish to the dragon for a powerful warrior to help him fix time and, this is where I lose it a tad, the dragon sends you. Now, why the dragon decides to send Trunks someone who’s not even worthy of training under Krillin to help him, i don’t know, but that’s something we’re all just gonna have to get over. When you’re done coping, you can choose between 5 different races: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, or a member of the Frieza clan. I made the obvious choice and picked saiyan. After figuring out what color you want your clothes to be and deciding what obligatory crazy hair style you want, Trunks shows you some messed up stuff and sends you back in time to fix it.


DB Xenoverse 4

Starting with the arrival of Radditz, events all over time are ending up with the wrong victor. You get to witness a piece of one of the events and then you get sent to TokiToki city where people will tell you everything there is cool, but none of its open. TokiToki is the main hub of the entire game. This is where you you find side, or “parallel” quests, find main characters to train you or teach you new skills and for those of you that have the game, but are pissed cause they can’t fight their friends as Goku and Vegeta, this is where you do it, not the main menu. TokiToki does eventually open up, its just confusing because a lot of people you talk to tell you “this is where you get this” or “this is where you do that” then you go there and some robot tells you “sorry we’re closed”.

DB Xenoverse 5

The story is a blast to watch and be a part of, the fighting, and maybe this is because I’ve only been playing as the one character, seems very much repetitive. You get new super moves like the kamehameha, kaioken and finally, the ability to power up to super saiyan, but I have yet to see a new “basic” combo, and since that’s what you end up using the most of, game play can get a little bland. There’s also the fact that since you are your own person now, you need to train and level up if you don’t want that bitch Nappa to kick your ass in under a minute. So now there’s a grind, and believe me, it IS a grind. I had to play the same mission 11 times in a row to level up enough to beat a mission that involved killing 20 peeons. And after that i had to do it 6 more times to beat Frieza. Going back to what I said earlier, however, this is exactly what I expected and i welcome it. I do really love the way they mashed up a fighting game and an rpg and didn’t remove one of the integral parts of playing an rpg. Defeating Frieza was way more gratifying after putting in the work for it.

DB Xenoverse 3

I am satisfied with my purchase, I know it may have sounded like i don’t like this game, but I really do. Its fun to watch and play, you feel like a badass most of the time and, if you don’t mind the grind, the journey to the end is filled everything you would expect to have in a decent rpg. \


Photos Courtesy of Dimps

Author: Aaron Massey

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