Quick Thoughts: Flash Season One Finale, Hints At Season Two

The season finale that aired last week was an example of go big or go home. Now I’m sure a lot of people saw the “big moment” coming like I did, but we’ll get to that in a minute. This series has dealt with time travel on a very minute level and I have to say, that’s what sold me on The Flash. When the show started to get very sci-fi and explore these concepts that’s when I got hooked. Now towards the end of season one when we learn that Eddie is related to Dr. Wells/Reverse Flash we can pretty much see his self-sacrifice coming. And I think the writers intended this, saving a bigger trick up their sleeve, and on top of that I think We’re not done with Doctor Wells yet and I don’t think Eddie is dead yet either and here’s why: when Eddie killed himself, resulting in his future children, and by extension Dr. Wells never being born, he created a paradox. Dr. Wells is never born, never goes back in time to kill Barry’s mother, isn’t stuck in the past to create the Flash… classic grandfather paradox. However I believe this is the reason the singularity opened above Central City as well. Not because they failed to close it, but because of the Paradox. Now they made special note to show that Eddie got sucked up into the black hole, and I’m of the belief that you don’t show things on film unless you intend a purpose for them.

Not Big Hero 6


I will say one of my favorite moments from the finale came when Barry went back to save his mother, but was told to stop by his future self. If you blinked you missed it because it was a simple gesture of simply holding his hand up. Most might have been distracted by the heartfelt goodbye that followed, because losing one’s mother is quite sad, but what I loved about that moment was the implication that future Barry knows something more other than the timeline change we were warned about earlier in the episode. To me this moment had more impact than the death of Wells himself. We lose our main villain, by having him transform into his original (depending on how many forms he’s taken in the past) form then vanish from existence. It was a little lackluster because we had no real connection to Eobard, but to Dr. Wells. No emotion was felt there. I got more worked up the first time Dr. Wells talked Barry through his supersonic punch. That’s why I have no doubt Wells will be back.

The faces of revenge.

Going into even more spoilerish territory, Tom Cavanagh has signed on for season two, and Grant Gustin has dropped hints of a multiverse plot line for the upcoming season as well. This could leave us with multiple earth plot lines with a fully alive Eddie Thawne as well as Doctor Wells. It’s also been hinted at that the new series Legends of Tomorrow, another of the Flash and Arrow spinoffs starring Brandon Routh, will introduce the character of Rip Hunter of the Time Masters comic series who may have the potential to set the prime earth back on its initial timeline, partly erasing the events of the first season. What we do know is that when we left our hero he was going toe to toe with the ever-growing singularity. What were your thoughts on the finale, or the hopes for season two? Let us know in the comments below.

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Author: Sean Love

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