Free For Playstation Plus Members In July: rain (PS3)

rain is free for Playstation Plus members this month. Good news for me, as I’m still a Playstation 3 player and I’ve been a tad bit let down by recent offerings. Not to say there haven’t been some good games up for grabs, it’s simply been stuff I’ve played already. So, when I saw a game with an “indie feel”, I lit up. rain isn’t necessarily an indie game, as it was developed by SCE Japan Studios and published by Sony. Still, this game has an artsy approach with its Paris-like setting and pretty piano music, while featuring a core gaming innovation: the main characters and enemies are all invisible unless the falling rain washes over them.  As with any game that features a “gimmick”, I worry that it will rely too heavily on said gimmick to stay interesting,  rather than introduce solid gameplay mechanics throughout. There are enough cool moments to keep me engaged, though it is a BIT easy and way short. Helpful hints are way too plentiful. I never had to think twice about what to do, save for a few brief moments.



Take a hint, dude. We don’t wanna hang.



*Spoiler Alert*

As I was playing, I tried to decipher exactly what was going on. Are these kids plagued by some sort of disease?  Are they dealing with death and entering the after-life? Is the dark city a purgatory of sorts? I reach the end of the game and, from what I can gather, they’re just sleeping and see each other in their dreams for some reason. How NOT sad. I guess it’s nice to get a “happy” ending.

*End Spoiler*

If you’re a PS Plus member, go on and get rain. If you’re not, I can’t say if it’s worth a purchase or not, because I got it for free. Wear headphones or use a good sound system while playing. The sounds of the rain, paired with the pretty piano music, make for a relaxing gaming experience at the end of your daily grind.

Check out the official trailer here:


Author: Tony Lambert

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