Gat Out of Hell DLC: First Thoughts

The President has been kidnapped by satan, and the only ones qualified to save him are a mouthy computer hacker and a badass with greasy hair who never takes off his glasses. You in?

I found Saints Row IV a blast and now that Re-Elected is out with the Gat Out of Hell DLC, I had to take this one for a spin. Aside from coming with all DLC that’s been released up till this point, the game has got the next gen graphics overhaul that makes everything look nice and crisp.

Flying around hell as Gat couldn’t be more fun. Early on, Gat receives Satan’s cracked halo which imbues Gat with super powers similar to those found in SR4. The powers do have a “hellish” twist to them, but basically do the same thing. There is no telekinesis, though, which is a little disappointing. Instead, a summon power was added that lets you summon these little annoying imps to attack your enemies.

If you haven’t played SR4, there’s no better time to get on it. All DLC and the original SR4 with better graphics is around $130 value and you can pick it up for around $50.


Photos courtesy of Volition


Author: Aaron Massey

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