It’s a Secret to everyone (From Square Enix)

Square Enix Secret

Square Enix has joined the world of secrets and espionage ala-Kojima by creating a site for a secret project. Just recently, Square Enix released the trailer for the new Deus Ex project they are working on, so it is unlikely this has anything to do with that. The page simply shows the stream of interested people generating their conspiracy theories along with a background that seems to be a view of an Earth-esque planet from orbit. This has lead many fans to guess (or perhaps hope) that this will turn in to an announcement for a new Star Ocean; with many of the people in twitter-space calling for a return to traditional JRPGs as many of the games from SE have been action RPGs (Presumably catering to the “less attention span” having Western countries.)

The page shows the following text (Spaces may not be exact:)

S    A R
0 1    0    1

It is possible it says “STAR” and then some other word or letter/number in binary… I guess we will find out when the internet does.

Author: Richard Stanley

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