Majora’s Mask 3DSXL will stare at you while you sleep

Nintendo Majora 3dsxl

Nintendo Majora 3dsxl

We love seeing cool editions of game systems. Not only does it give you a way to customize your personal experience, it is also a way to feel some exclusivity and take some amazing “kiss my @$$” shots saying “neener neener neener” to all your social media contacts about how much more exclusively hipster nerdy you are than your friends… ok actually that sounds terrible; but we LOVE Zelda. That being said, we also love the idea of this staring at us with it’s creepy eyes from our dresser like a malformed Mogwi. The meat and potatoes are as follows:


  • ┬áIt will come out February 13th; the same day as Majora’s mask
  • it will be available for $199.99
  • Europeans get a free soft copy of the game… US doesn’t (what?)
  • Totally sold out… yup! But it may not be forever


Author: Richard Stanley

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