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Role playing is always exciting when you get into the correct mind-set. Personally I’m not always down to setup hours worth of reading material and dungeons for a session of Dungeons and Dragons. Nor am I always up for an intense grind session with the cast of Chrono Trigger, okay never mind, I’m always up for Chrono Trigger.

Regardless, I bring my rambling thoughts back to Dragon’s Crown, released in 2013 for the PS3 and Vita. It’s the newest release from the talented and unique Vanillaware. It’s a four player co-op experience, either online or over the same PS3. There’s plenty of diverse characters to chose from to have your fair share of experiences throughout the epic quests. The difficulty in this adventure ramps up gradually on its own and not at the typical terrifying rate that most Vanillaware games are notorious for.

Check out the entire video review for all of my thoughts.


The Developers of the footage from this episode: Vanillaware & Atlus . Video property of NAWKtoons.

Author: Alex Vogt

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