Maybe You Missed It: South Park: The Stick of Truth

If you’ve had the itch to play an old school, turn-based rpg, then look no further. Its time to see who missed out on the gem that is The Stick of Truth!

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The turn-based gameplay I’m sure turned a lot of people off in the beginning, but this game definitely delivers. Action packed cut scenes bring all the antics you expect from South Park, putting the game together like one long episode. With cameos from just about every character South Park has created and a main menu that resembles Facebook, you can now be friends with everyone.

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The game starts off as you and your family move in to your new house in South Park. Once you’re done deciding how you want to look, your dad kicks you out of the house to make some new friends. Butters sees you’re new to the neighborhood and invites you to play a game with him and the rest of the kids. Upon arrival at Cartman’s house, Cartman asks for your name, which really doesn’t matter to him apparently and then he asks you what class you want to be. With the choices of Warrior, Mage, Thief and Jew, regardless of what you pick, Cartman has something funny and slightly negative to say about you.

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After finishing you’re character set up, Cartman and Clyde teach you how to fight, making it a point to comment on the turn based gameplay saying it sucks, but that’s how the did it in “the olden days”. Now its time to explore the small town of South Park. They did a really good job on keeping the town small, but making it feel huge. You can go into just about every building, some of them start off locked, but you eventually make a friend that has a key. You get new perks for getting friends on facebook, so make sure you talk to everyone, and the conversations you hear people having and the random comments thrown your way as you walk around town are flat out hilarious. !!!FILLER!!! while walking passed the police station, a cop will blurt out “We’ve been getting reports of a bunny rabbit running around someones front yard, think I’m gonna go check it out”.

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The progression of the story gets worse and worse(or better and better, depending how you want to look at it) as you take down U.F.O.s and learn how to give abortions. Randy makes repeat cameos to let you know he still knows exactly whats going on, even if everyone else in town thinks hes clueless. The comedic level of story telling in this game makes going from a kids backyard to the City Wok to fight Mongolians to the park to put up ManBearPig sensors seem like the logical thing to do.

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The weapons and items are worth checking out too, as all are real life objects that have been given a realistic price tag from the perspective of a ten year old. Bottles of water are cure spells, cookies will refill your health, soda and redbull will increase your skill points used I combat. The weapons are all things you would imagine kids pretending to use as weapons also, Butters’ signature weapon is a standard carpentry hammer. Eventually you do level up to use real weapons, like a sweet samurai sword, but that’s not till way later in the game.

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Even if you don’t like video games, if you like South Park, you owe to Mr Matt and Mr Trey to play this game. It almost feels like the last 20 years of that show has been building up to this and they did not disappoint.


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Author: Aaron Massey

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