New BlazBlue Rhythm Game

Spin-offs for fighting game franchises are becoming rather commonplace these days, but rarely do they put you in the shoes of a sentient special move.

Well, shoes don’t really apply here as the attack in question doesn’t have feet, but I digress.

Earlier today, Arc System Works released Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Based on their popular BlazBlue universe, this rhythm game gives you control over Ragna’s titular attack as it seeks to gain strength by eating everything in its path.


As far as rhythm games go, Eat Beat is pretty basic, but still provides a fun bit of distraction for morning commutes, waiting room visits, or any other activity you feel like filling with remixed BlazBlue themes. It’s also completely free of charge, though you can spend money on things like bonus characters and songs if you’re so inclined.

If you’re interested (and haven’t already tried the original Japanese version), follow the links below and start munching!

Sources: iTunes, Google Play via Destuctoid

Author: Terry Hodge II

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