Nintendo agrees to GTFO

In a surprise announcement today, Nintendo unveiled to the world it’s new character share program allowing developers to do pretty much anything they want with Nintendo assets.Reggie

“We are excited to announce that going forward, Nintendo of America is no longer in the gaming market, but rather the┬áculture market.”

Reggie Fils-Amie went on to describe their new service platform as “pay to experience.”

“Basically, we own your childhood anyway and all you do is complain about more Zelda, Mario, and Metroid games. As a result, we are going to just let you make your own garbage until you come crawling back.”

This announcement is rumored to come on the heels of well known internet Dev troll Wario McWheener’s repetitious attacks in the past few years claiming; “Come on, man. I could have made a decent Metroid game by now.”

No new details yet about the way Nintendo will be charging for this service, but industry insiders assure us it has something to do with suing people later.

This article is satirical

Author: Richard Stanley

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