No Hitman Isn’t Cancelled

Hitman Absolution - A Silent Killer

No Hitman Isn’t Cancelled

While everyone is in a tizzy over Square-Enix seemingly pulling the latest installment of “Hitman” (The ferociously popular silent-as-you-please assassination series,) SE has asked everyone not to panic. The game is presently set for a March 11th release, and the Company has assured everyone, that the apparent disappearance from pre-order status on the PSN is not call for alarm, having this to say over twitter:

The company was evidently gearing up for the next reveal, as the status on PSN simply needed to include Beta Invitations:


Apparently, this Beta available in February is actually more of a pre-quel to get your juices flowing, which covers a bit of the back-story of Agent 47.

Crisis Averted! How about you? Are you preordering the game? Let us know in the comments below!



Author: Richard Stanley

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