Playing Schlotts: Comic & Media Expo 2015


I recently had the chance to partake in Comic & Media Expo 2015, which is their second anniversary of a Mesa comic and media convention. Located in the Mesa Convention Center, it was filled with artists, vendors, voice actors, cosplayers, guests and fans alike. Excuse my photography, as this is mostly taken on my cell phone as I walked around the small convention floor aimlessly; looking at all the things to buy when I wasn’t either in costume or helping Alvin Johnson photography.


WindofTheStars and I made derp faces together; I know, it’s sexy.


J.W Cosplay strikes a pose as Spiderman for Alvin Johnson Photography


Firelight Cosplay


A look into the hall itself was small. I was able to walk the whole thing without any interruptions from stopping at booths in about 40 minutes. Karle Yun, who many know of from Arrow; Billy Salyers (Rigby from Mordecai and Rigby) were some of the big television names that came to this convention. Social media sensation D-Piddy could be found wandering around the convention filming shenanigans with other cosplayers. WindofTheStars was seated among with other guests such as Firelight Cosplay, Itty Bitty Geek, Kiba the Cosplay Corgi with his awesome mom Nicole and other costumers when they weren’t in their panels. I even managed to grab a quick word with WindofTheStars, who by the way could not be sweeter. She had so many good things to say about my bright blue hair and we even traded hair tips and took a couple great selfies.

I asked a couple of con-goers of what they thought of the event. “It’s small,” one told me,  which I had noticed upon entering. “I went last year too, but it was worth it for the price.”  There was still a lot of space to cover- seeing as most photographers were taking pictures outside the con halls. Gaggles of cosplayers sat on the ground chatting and hanging out. Inside you could find groups of people eating and shopping. Many photo booths had been set up to take a quick picture or for costumers to grab some professional shots of their own costumes. CMX even offered a free photobooth.IMG_4037

I  sat in a couple of panels, including one where Nicole (accompanied by her cosplaying corgi Kiba) spoke about cyber bullying, costuming and what they like to do on weekends. Each panel you could find a couple people sitting and talking with the guests, open forum or just listening. As I entered Nicole’s panel, she eagerly waved me down as her dog was wandering around her panel, sitting with con-goers and running around joyfully as people snapped pictures and petting him as he walked by. The room had been arranged so Kiba could joyfully run around the convention while Nicole made sure he was contained and respectful. What a nice pup!


Kiba greeting me upon entering Nicole’s anti-bullying panel.

It was an overall solid second run for the Mesa Comic & Media Expo, and looking forward to what they have in store for next year. The convention floor was laid out in a way that could be enjoyed at our leisure, and was planned so that it was no problem to make it around to all the interesting people and stuff the con made available . Given how exciting the artists and performers were this year, I think it’s safe to say we can expect improvements and excitement in the coming years for our humble con.

Author: Brooke Schlott

Brooke is a gamer and cosplayer that enjoys making friends and eating pizza. She also enjoys petting cats.

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