The PS Vita is (Officially) the world’s most advanced Wii U Gamepad


We have said for a while that the main reason to buy a PSVita is the connectivity capabilities with the PS4. If you were to consider buying a PSVita today, it should be for:

  • Wanting an impressive mobile Square Enix Collection
  • Wanting to play your PS4 from a toilet
  • Wanting a second screen “Wii U Gamepad” For your PS4

Well now, it is official (kind of). In an interview with 4Gamer, Sony clarified their PSVita Strategy.PS4-remote-play-image

“At the beginning the PS Vita did not resonate with age targets under 20, but now the situation is changing and the popularity with younger demographics is increasing. Minecraft: PS Vita Edition has provided a boost.

In addition to that, a variety of third party games are also planned for the future, and in order to further accelerate that flow, we decided to release new colors for the PS Vita this fall.”

When further pressed on A list 1st party games, Sony had the following to say:

“Currently, first party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita. Since third parties are working very hard on PS Vita, SCE’s own strategy is to focus on PS4, which is a new platform.”

Many sites are already reporting that this is the death of the PS Vita, and while it certainly doesn’t change anything; people who own a Vita or are considering purchasing one should see this as an opportunity. This kind of news usually end up creating a price drop, and given that most of the inspired games that should be played on Mobile (Super Meat Boy for example) are actually made by indie and 3rd party devs, this might be the best time yet to buy one.


Historically, While the DS is still the best selling hand-held, it has always been about the software IP. The top selling games for DS have always been Nintendo exclusives or properties, and this announcement is less about the success of the PSVita and more about the strategy of 1st party developers to invest in developing for the Smartphone/tablet market.Sony-mobile

Given how the market is moving, Sony has already stated that they believe there will be no market for a PSVita 2. One can see the early indicators of Sony’s intent on using tablet technology to replace the gaming hole the connectivity will create without a next generation PSVita. Various games available for the PS4 utilize connectivity with iOS and Android devices, something that Sony is not blind to as they continue to make updates to the Playstation app for Smartphones. Following suit with the recent announcement that Nintendo has started work on game releases for mobile devices, it only makes sense that Sony would use presently active hardware platforms to push it’s Playstation infrastructure.


Author: Richard Stanley

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