The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Guide Review

The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Guide Review

After my 15+ Hours with this guide I can honestly say it has been a positive experience.

This guide is packed to the gills with content. It has made my journey in the land of Nilfgaardian a painless introduction to the game. I knew to look at places I wouldn’t have given a second thought to, which made my journey that much more comfortable.


So let’s talk about all the great things about the guide first. The amount of attention to detail in this guide is outstanding. It feels as though I’m using a bestiary or an ancient grimoire to help me along my journey as Geralt of Rivia. This guide helped me get menial tasks done with ease. Never once did I feel as though I had missed something of importance or that I was ill equipped for what lay ahead on my adventure. One of my least favorite aspects of the game, Gwent, quickly became one of my favorite time wasters after being alerted to important sGwenttrategies and tips to help me get the upper hand on my opponents. I found myself spending hours playing several hands of Gwent instead of venturing off to save Yennefer of Vengerberg and continuing with the main quest. While the guide did help me stay ahead in the game, it never made me feel too over powered or made the game too easy. The guide had a perfect balance of challenge and accessibility.

Along with all of the content of this guide, the physical guide itself looks great. It’s a beautifully detailed hard cover book. It definitely feels like a lot of care went into the construction of this guide. Along with the Guide came two lithographs that I’m currently looking to guide and lithographshang on my wall once this review is finished. Some people may not want to carry a huge guide, but don’t worry! Prima has got you covered! This guide comes with a digital copy that can be used on any phone or tablet.



I wasn’t able to find many thina1ws0s8adzlgs I didn’t like in this guide, but I do have some notes. While I do love the amount of content in the guide, the lack of pictures can make you feel like you’re looking at a textbook. I sometimes found myself getting lost because from time to time the directions were vague. The Guide would tell me to just go in a vague direction without much detail to guide my way. Putting a picture of something to look for would have definitely added variety while helping to let me know I was in the right direction.


Roach Glitch

I’m as lost as you are, Roach.


The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Collector’s Guide is a great addition to any gamer’s library. If you’re playing this game for the first time or feel as though you missed something, I would definitely recommend this purchase. It has earned its place among the other strategy guides I have purchased over the years.

Overall I give this guide a 9 out of 10 slaps.

Author: frank hurtado

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