Valve’s New VR Headset

Recently, Valve has released information about their SteamVR Headset. It’s called the Vive, it’s being made by HTC, and it will be released by the end of the year. What’s interesting about this headset as opposed to other models like Oculus, this one is almost entirely done.

The headset’s specs boast a set of 1200 by 1080 displays, 90 frames a second, a motion-tracking base station that can track your movements in a room that is 15×15, and what is speculated to be a pair of wireless controllers in the form of gloves.

What do you think about the race to Virtual Reality perfection? Do you think Oculus, Gear, or Vive have the lead? Comment below to let us know!


Video and photo courtesy of HTC.



Author: Vox Electronica

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  1. Reminds of that one Southpark episode haha. Anyways, I am not well educated on all the upcoming virtual headsets out there but I would love to give them a try when they are released. It will probably open up a whole new world for gaming and who knows maybe in 20 years we will look back and say remember the Oculus 1? It really sucked haha Crazy stuff.

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