Without Micro-Transactions Evolve Will Die

Contains Sarcasm And Ranting:

A lot of people are in an uproar about Evolve having $130 worth of content not covered in the season pass. Personally… I think you are all being whiny babies and have no idea how video games work. Firstly, all maps will be free to the public, so you don’t actually have to pay for any new map expansions. Secondly, the season pass gives you four new characters and skins that can only be obtained through the season pass, giving a certain amount of exclusivity. Lastly, the game can not stay active if we don’t buy things.


Much like World of Warcraft or any other online multiplayer game, the company must maintain active servers for users to play on, which costs money, and the money they generate from the initial sales is a finite amount that will eventually run out. Without micro transactions, the game will not last. Not to mention the stuff not included is nothing but skin packs, so it’s entirely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the game in the slightest. I personally hate micro transactions and I too believe that most DLC should just come with the game, but in this case, without the transactions the game will not last. So… shut up about it. All the cool exclusive things come with the season pass, and it’s a fantastic game, so why wouldn’t you want to support it?

Of course, this is all just one man’s opinions. To me it’s the first game in 2015 that isn’t broken as all hell. And it’s a good game. None of the DLC is game changing, so who cares? Support a good game and they’ll continue to make more games like it.



Author: Dilly

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  1. One big thing that I don’t like (and it seems most games are this way now days) is that it has no local coop or the ability to have two people play online at the same time on the same console. I don’t why they exclude that option.

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